Who is tameka cottle dating

Lo's finger isn't believed to be an engagement ring. Some fans suspect it's "Fake Love" -- like one of Drizzy's songs -- but other suggest the drama is real as Drake's ex Rihanna recently unfollowed Lopez on social media. Kids (and kids at heart) will be excited to see a "Captain Underpants" movie next summer.

I and Tiny’s Family Hustle” in VH1 and the show focuses on the lives of Tameka and her husband, T. The show that is very popular has contributed a fair amount to their already high net worth of million.

The 41-year-old Xscape lead singer, who took back her maiden name after filing for divorce, confirmed the rumors while addressing an Instagram user’s question online.

Her mother, Dianne Cottle is Caucasian and father, Charles “Speedy” Pope is African American.

Banks who has a history of feud with the rapper tweeted, "Guess who's about to get sued for threatening me! I were arrested for the possession of marijuana and a drug named ecstasy. I was jailed for the crime but Tiny escaped and, later Rapper 50 Cent had accused of her not taking the blame or covering up for him. She fired back by saying that it was her life and body.

Jennifer Lopez and Drake are dating, if you believe a photo of the two stars cuddling counts as evidence of a romantic relationship. News that the 47-year-old singer-actress and 30-year-old rapper are "seeing each other," but the diamond ring on J. It's unclear whether either plans to seek sole custody.