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In the beginning, it was a messy but fun platform in which there was an intricate ambiguity between personal conversations and access to mainstream media, top stars or "influencers."That was the beauty of the tool: on a single platform, we could retweet Lady Gaga, talk about lunch with our coleagues and network through DM.

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Each user has both a personal QR code and an inbuilt scanner that makes for a seamless exchange of contacts. You can of course also send photos, songs, news items, emojis and ‘stickers’ as well.

Recent Ontario court decisions have confirmed that posting a defamatory statement on a micro-blog, even if subsequently deleted can be seen as “publishing”, a necessary component to establishing defamation.

The concern is that since most defamers are anonymous (only using their usernames), it’s difficult to do anything about the defamation even if you wanted to.

Some basic principles when you operate you We Chat account : “One way to rapid grow We Chat follow is to report about current events.

This means you have to be on standby even if it’s a weekend.