Updating 1880 bathroom

First, invest in durable materials that will stand the test of time and, of course, bathroom steam. Also, create continuity by choosing finishes that match the bathroom’s hardware, showerhead, faucet and even the towel bars.

Slavin says homeowners generally can’t go wrong with classic materials.

To help inspire you, here are eight of the most popular master bathroom redesign trends: 1.

Add Extra Warmth To make your master bathroom more cozy, try adding extra sources of heat.

If the suite is all in good working order (and why shouldn't it be if it's been taken care of), then the only reason to even consider replacing it is aesthetics.

It seems to me from your letter that the only people it seems to offend are your friends and presumably none of them are offering to pay for the replacement.

It is in annoyingly good order, as is the rest of the house.This room was a bedroom when this house was a duplex, but Nicole planned to make the main living room.LIVING ROOM, AFTER: The restored stained glass window is one of the first features people notice on the front of the house.In north Minneapolis, Rehab Addict host Nicole Curtis has six months to turn a rundown duplex back into a single-family home or the city is bringing in the wrecking ball. FRONT EXTERIOR, BEFORE: Built in 1883, this house needed more than a few touch-ups to bring it back to life.The foundation was rotted, the windows were boarded up and the roof leaked.