How long have lindsay lohan and samantha ronson been dating

As many of us know firsthand, there are few things worse than having your heart broken. Gay or straight, male, female or in between, getting dumped sucks, dumping someone sucks and, after days, months or years of companionship, being alone sucks, too (for awhile at least).So imagine going through an ugly breakup with a girlfriend of nearly two years in public.I’ve been looking at Lindsay Lohan’s crazy lips and cracked-out face for so long, I really and truly forgot how pretty she looked when she was with Samantha Ronson.

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If it wasn’t Lindsay, and if we weren’t talking about a lesbian relationship, I think people would be much more worked up over this.With every teardrop, emotionally charged rant and overly-dramatic comment being photographed, published and subsequently ridiculed. While we generally leave the Lohan/Samantha Ronson beat to the celebrity blogs and tabloids, the demise of their relationship has certainly been noteworthy, if not for the sake of storytelling, but for some insight into how the world at large views lesbian breakups.OK, so Lohan cried, accused Ronson of cheating via Twitter, allegedly made a scene at Sam’s hotel and “chugged vodka” — isn’t that what happens after a breakup?Wilmer Valderrama Long before Taylor Swift was writing songs about her failed relationships, Lohan was pouring her heart into a weepy ballad.In 2004 she dated That 70s Show actor Wilmer Valderrama – and even made a cameo on the sitcom.