Fossil dating for kids

Historical Artifacts Dating of Artifacts Pottery & China (always important artifacts) Archaeology Q&A Quiz Interactive Powerpoint: What is an artifact?Fossils are the preserved remains of creatures which existed long ago.Astronomy Worksheets Biology Worksheets Coloring Worksheets Dinosaur Worksheets Geology Worksheets Geography Worksheets History Worksheets Holiday Worksheets Math Worksheets Language Arts Worksheets All Educational Worksheets Astronomy Music Biology Music Concepts Music Chemistry Music Foreign Language Music Geology Music Geography Music History Music Language Arts Music Life Skills Music Math Music Physics Music All Educational Music One method that scientists use to date ancient fossils and artifacts is called radiocarbon dating.All living things on Earth are made up of a high percentage of an element called carbon.For a fossil to be a good index fossil, it needs to have lived during one specific time period, be easy to identify and have been abundant and found in many places. If you find ammonites in a rock in the South Island and also in a rock in the North Island, you can say that both rocks are Mesozoic.

Relative dating is used to arrange geological events, and the rocks they leave behind, in a sequence.

This is very important because archaeologists do not look for fossils.

While exploring the woods near my house, I found an arrowhead.

Fossils range in age from few thousands of years to hundreds of millions of years.

They come in a variety of sizes, from microscopic traces to large animal skeletons and fossilized trees weighing many tons.