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It’s a disaster.” As she did so many times on TV, Dickinson is quick to refute O’Leary’s views.I am reeling emotionally from the events or mass slaughter in the gay night club ” The Pulse” in Orlando Florida. Location: University of Regina Campus, Gym 3 The Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business presents W.

We see in our male based society the fear of the Feminine energy as being weak.by being weak it must be destroyed to prevent the destruction of a male powered society.for he is a metaphor for a society that is at odds within it’s self.is the internal battle that takes up within the souls of many.Many whom have been brainwashed by thousands of years by multiple different religions that claim women’s sexuality and gay sexuality as evil and vile. The Whore a representation of free female sexuality..The Dragons ask the entrepreneur questions in order to assess whether their business is one which they would consider investing in.Each Dragon ultimately will either make an offer to invest, or will declare that they are "out", meaning they are not interested in the business. While some entrepreneurs are made offers of exactly what they are seeking, most of the offers the Dragons make either seek a greater percentage of the business (equity) or seek a royalty on the sales of the business (this has become more prevalent in later seasons).