Dating for rvers

They offer resources on camping, RV Parks, general RV information and support when needed. must be a member of Escapees to join their very active solo group but for anyone who wants to connect with other active RVers this might be something to be considered.SOLO RV clubs Has 50 Regional Chapters in the US and Canada.This club has been active since 1969 with rallies, campouts, caravanning and lots of support for its members.But these won’t be the professionals you know, and the RV life may not be suitable for people with chronic conditions.Because of high fuel prices, most full-time RVers now carefully select their next destination before they hit the road…and spend several months exploring each region before they move on. There’s no need to choose if you retire to a recreational vehicle (RV). And full-time RVers can drive their homes from town to town, living near their grandkids one month, just outside a vibrant city the next, then in a warm beachfront community over the winter.The flexibility and adventure of life on the road hold tremendous allure for many retirees and even for some people still in the workforce if they have portable jobs. But people who haven’t previously lived full-time in an RV may find that the lifestyle is different from what they expected—the fact that someone has enjoyed RV vacations in the past is no guarantee that he/she will enjoy living in an RV long term. Five questions to ask yourself before you embark upon an RV retirement…

You can find a nationwide directory of local RV clubs, shows and rallies on rv-clubs, including clubs for owners of specific RV brands, which is a great way to find out more about the make and model you're interested in.

Most people who sell or trade in their RVs are looking for an upgrade or different model, Christine Bowes of American Family RV in Chesapeake, Va., told me.

"It's usually that their current vehicle is the wrong size, or they can no longer handle it on the road, or whatever.

If you're new to RVing entirely, you might want to rent one for a week or two to make sure the lifestyle is for you.

The website of the Go RVing Coalition provides a directory of rental outlets, dealers and other resources.