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Frightening statistics show young children in Surrey are using the adult dating website Tinder.That is one of the outcomes of a newly-released report by Eagle Radio and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.These reviews address key questions about the recognition and investigation of children with suspected physical abuse and neglect.All of the content from the CORE INFO reviews has been migrated onto the College website and the Clinical Standards Team, within the Research & Policy Division,will now undertake the systematic reviews which are aligned with the Colleges key priorities.

"So whether you like Mark or not, he’s sticking around." The charity wanted to highlight the way child marriage affects 15m girls around the world every year.Use the menu to browse and access the 15 reviews, as well as related guidance and resources.Formerly known as The Cardiff Child Pr Otection Systematic REviews project (CORE INFO), the College has taken over the systematic reviews, rebranding these as Child Protection Evidence systematic reviews.Some more of the findings include: Mr Munro said many in this age group are ignorant of the laws and ethics around social media use: "No child is inherently racist - and yet racist tweets are sent, and that's a crime - and people don't realise it."The problem with Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram - it just takes a second to put something, thoughtlessly, in the air - and it can never be properly recalled." Course designer and City, University of London researcher on youth cybercrime, Holly Powell-Jones, said: “It's shocking that social media law and ethics isn’t compulsory in all UK schools, as this project shows how easily ‘out of touch’ adults can be with the reality of children’s digital lives.